Operation Upper Room

C.P.R.R. – Common People Revival and Reformation


Press together, press together, press together! The members of the body are dying. The breath of life is nearly gone. What can you do? Don’t leave! Put forth your hands, and rise to the emergency and perform C.P.R.R.

C.P.R.R. stands for Common People Revival & Reformation. Essentially, it is a procedure to help produce revival and reformation in the Remnant church; through common people — through men and women, like you! The plan is simple and is inspired after Christ’s method, in the book of Acts. What did Jesus do? He instructed common people to gather together and gain an experience in an upper room. Drawing from this ensample, the objective is to produce an intimate in-home study group that prayerfully goes through a series of Revival & Reformation DVDs, to co-labor with God in bringing the breath of life back into the churches! [Learn More]