Inspired Quote of the Day: The Hour Has Now Come

To us as well as to the disciples, Christ has given the work of carrying the truth to the world. But before engaging in this great and aggressive warfare, upon which eternal results depend, Christ invites all to count the cost. He assures them that if they take hold of the work with undivided hearts, giving themselves as light-bearers to the world, if they will take hold of his strength, they will make peace with him, and obtain supernatural assistance that will enable them in their weakness to do the deeds of Omnipotence. If they go forward with faith in God, they will not fail nor become discouraged, but will have the assurance of infallible success.

The hour came for the lifting up of the Son of God on the cross, and the hour has now come for him to be lifted up from the earth. Impelled and stimulated by the love of Christ, as God’s people advance in the work marked out for them, they will conquer through faith. By faith they may behold even more than angels in their ranks; for the abundant aid of the General of armies is ready for them in every emergency. He leads them on from victory to victory, proclaiming at every step, “I have overcome the world.” Your leader goeth forth, conquering and to conquer. Never forget that you are fighting the battle of the Lord of hosts, in full view of the invisible world.

– The Review and Herald, March 15, 1898

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