Inspired Quote of the Day: This Lesson Learned

If you are willing to learn meekness and lowliness of heart in Christ’s school, He will surely give you rest and peace. It is a terribly hard struggle to give up your own will and your own way. But this lesson learned, you will find rest and peace. Pride, selfishness, and ambition must be overcome; your will must be swallowed up in the will of Christ. The whole life may become one constant love sacrifice, every action a manifestation, and every word an utterance of love. As the life of the vine circulates through stem and cluster, descends into the lower fibers, and reaches to the topmost leaf, so will the grace and love of Christ burn and abound in the soul, sending its virtues to every part of the being, and pervading every exercise of body and mind (Letter 14, 1887).

– S.D.A. Bible Commentary, vol. 5; pg. 1091

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  1. Sis. J

    Amen. I need this in my heart. Please everyone prayer for me to allow Jesus to abide in me, which will be on the path of changing my character and having the faith of Jesus! Thank you so much in advance for your prayers!


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