Inspired Quote of the Day: During the Week

Let us remember that the very first victories are to be won in the home life. During the week let the spirit be kept free from all irritation. Let parents remember that their home is to be a school in which their children are to be prepared for the courts above. Let their words be right words. No word which their children should not hear should escape their lips. Parents, during the week live as in the sight of a holy God, who has given you children that you may train them for Him. Train for Him the little church in your home, that when the Sabbath comes they may be prepared to worship in the Lord’s sanctuary. Each morning and evening present your children to God as His blood-bought heritage. Teach them that their highest duty and privilege is to love and serve God. Teach them that in Him they live and move and have their being

– Manuscript Releases, vol. 5; pg. 83  

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