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No opposition can prevail against workers who meet the following inspired conditions:

“In the work for this time, it is not (1) money or (2) talent or (3) learning or (4) eloquence that is needed so much as faith graced with humility. No opposition can prevail against truth presented in faith and humility, by workers who willingly bear (1) toil and (2) sacrifice and (3) reproach for the Master’s sake. We must be co-workers with Christ if we would see our efforts crowned with success. We must weep as He wept for those who will not weep for themselves, and plead as He pleaded for those who will not plead for themselves. –Manuscript 24, 1903.  {CW 108.2}


  1. Bro. B


  2. Bro. N

    Praise God! We need this very much! I find this very encouraging.

  3. Bro. P

    Very encouraging!!!


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