Inspired Quote of the Day: Whatsoever He Says

Let no hand become slack or palsied. You have the assurance that angels whose home is in the pavilion of the Eternal, and who see the glory of God, are your helpers. Will you co-operate with them in building up every institution that is doing God’s service under the supervision of the angelic ministration?

Who can understand the value of the souls for whose salvation their Prince, their King, the Son of the infinite God, gave His spotless life to a shameful death? If all understood this as they should, what a work would be accomplished! Through the Holy Spirit’s working they would by their influence, by their words and their talent of means, lead many souls to escape the chain of darkness and the hellish plottings of Satan, and be washed from their sins in the blood of the Lamb. Oh, let the work go deeper and still deeper! Angels of heaven rejoice to see sinners repent and turn to the living God.

If we will restrain the expression of unbelief, and by hopeful words and prompt movements strengthen our own faith and the faith of others, our vision will grow clearer. The pure atmosphere of heaven will surround our souls.

Be strong, and talk hope. Press your way through obstacles. You are in spiritual wedlock with Jesus Christ. The word is your assurance. Approach your Saviour with the full confidence of living faith, joining your hands with His. Go where He leads the way. Whatsoever He says to you, do. He will teach you just as willingly as He will teach someone else.

– Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6; pg. 462

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