Inspired Quote of the Day: Our All In All

The religion of Christ never degrades the receiver; it ennobles and elevates. Upon certain conditions we are assured that we may become members of the royal family, children of the heavenly King. Is not this exaltation something worth seeking for? Through faith in Christ, and obedience to the requirements of his law, we are offered a life that shall run parallel with the life of God. And in that immortal life there shall be no sorrow, no sighing, no pain, no sin, no death. O that we might be more heavenly minded, and bring more of heaven into our life and conversation! But with all the rich promises of God, how many seem wholly absorbed in the things of earth. They are all taken up with the thought of what shall we eat, what shall we drink, and wherewithal shall we be clothed? God would not have us center our minds upon the things of this world. We are not to seek for our selfish gratification, but to center the mind upon Christ. Are you separating yourself from everything that will separate you from God? If you are in close connection with God, you will talk of him, you will have an abundance in your heart of the things of heaven. Shall we not change the order of things, and sow to the Spirit? Why do you not appreciate your Redeemer more? Why do you not think of him, and talk of him to others? The Lord is waiting to do great things for his children who trust in him. Do we expect to dwell with Christ in the eternal world? Then we must dwell with him here, that he may help us in every time of trial and temptation, and make us ready for his coming in the clouds of heaven. He will reward every man according to his works, and every secret thing will be brought into judgment. We shall find then that only those who have lived by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God will be saved. We must plant our feet on the word, the solid rock of truth. We must search carefully throughout the Scriptures to see if we are indeed working the works of God. The beauty and grace of Christ must be woven into our characters. We cannot keep Christ so apart from our lives as we do, and yet be fitted for his companionship in heaven. He is to be the all in all of heaven, and must be our all in all upon earth. 

– The Review and Herald, May 5, 1891 par. 10

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