Inspired Quote of the Day: Abiding Love

Christ and his obedient children love one another. Their tastes are identical. The true followers of Jesus are so abiding in him that they love that which he loves, and hate that which he hates. One spirit pervades the whole body. How then can the branches of the True Vine bear anything but good fruit? If Christ’s words abide in the Christian, how can he do otherwise than work the works of Christ? He lives, he abides, in Christ, and like Christ ever has an eye single to the glory of God. “If ye keep my commandments [not profess to regard them, and then work contrary to them], ye shall abide in my love.” You shall be united with One superior in vital power and wisdom, the weaker depending on the stronger, “looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith.”

– The Signs of the Times, August 10, 1891

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