Inspired Quote of the Day: Exalt Jesus, Hide Self

In the great work before us we are to cultivate those qualities of character that will make us persons of wisdom and discernment; and as we do this, we shall better understand the sacred nature of the cause in which we are engaged. Our characters must be of such a stamp that our association with the people will result in leading them to take a consistent course when they embrace the present truth. Those who labor for Christ should be men and women of great discretion, so that those who do not understand their doctrines may be led to respect them, and regard them as persons void of fanaticism, void of rashness and impetuosity. Their discourses and conduct and conversation should be of a nature that will lead men to the conclusion that these ministers are men of thought, of solidity of character, men who fear and love their heavenly Father. They should win the confidence of the people, so that those who listen to the preaching may know that the ministers have not come with some cunningly devised fable, but that their words are words of worth, a testimony that demands thought and attention. Let the people see you exalting Jesus, and hiding self. The sentiment of your heart should be, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Exalt his matchless power and grace, but let self be crucified, let self be hidden in Christ.

– The Review and Herald, April 26, 1892 

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