Inspired Quote of the Day: Greatest of All Miracles

Inspired Quote of the Day: Greatest of All Miracles

During Christ’s ministry on the earth, His great heart of love struck a sympathetic cord of tenderness in the hearts of the people. When He told the sick that they were whole, they believed Him. His very words seemed to be accompanied by the power of conviction, and the people believed that He spoke the truth.

Unbelievers have inquired, “Why are not miracles wrought among those who claim to be God’s people?” Brethren, the greatest miracle that can be wrought is the conversion of the human heart. We need to be reconverted, losing sight of self and human ideas, and beholding Christ, that we may be transformed into His likeness. When this, the greatest of all miracles, is wrought within our hearts, we shall see the working of other miracles.

~ Manuscript Releases, vol. 19 [Nos. 1360-1419], p. 49

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