Inspired Quote of the Day: If They Had Known

It is never safe to be indifferent to light. If professedly great and good people do not obey the law of God, is it any reason we should transgress? . . . It was the scribes, the rulers, the priests, men in holy office, men who believed their righteousness was above the whole world, who persecuted Christ. These pious pretenders were the fiercest persecutors Jesus had. . . .It was the teachers of the people that mocked Him while He hung upon the cross.

Professed Christians of today who reject light will be no more favorable to those who receive and rejoice in the light of truth than were the Jews in the days of Christ. If they had known that He was the Prince of life, they would not have crucified Him. Why did they not know? Because they refused every evidence given them that Christ was the Messiah. . . . They will look upon the believers as a little, weak people, a few fanatics, and will speak derisively of them.

– Christ Triumphant, pg. 318 

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