Inspired Quote of the Day: Look And Live

Inspired Quote of the Day: Look And Live

The knowledge of Christ reveals the depths of sin and its offensive character, while by faith we see the cleansing stream, the blood of Christ which washes away every spot, every stain of sin. This salvation is not half appreciated. Salvation brought to us through the blood of Jesus is not estimated of priceless value. By faith this gift must be fully accepted as the great gift of God through Jesus Christ. The burden of our sins and of our sorrows was laid upon One who is merciful to pardon, mighty to save.

Why are we so cold? Why are we worldly? Why are we so careless? Why does not the love of Jesus burn upon the altar of our hearts? He carried the burden of our sins, of our sorrows; why do we not have greater faith? Why do we not trust fully and receive by faith everything from that hand which was nailed to the cross that it might be all powerful to save? Why cannot we trust that love which has been expressed to us in such infinite sacrifice that we might live?

Look in faith to the cross. Look and live. This will be our study and song throughout eternity.

— Letter 6, June 16, 1881, to Edson and Emma White.
~ This Day With God, p. 176

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