Inspired Quote of the Day: One Way To Be Victorious

There is but one way to be victorious. Serve God with all your heart because you love Him. Seek Him daily because you love Him and know what He is to you. Be faithful in the little things, although no eye but the Lord’s may review your work. Remember that you are doing service for Christ. You may now be obtaining a precious experience every day in serving God. Plant the principles of truth in your own soul, and reveal Christ in your character. Do not be satisfied with a common, low level. You can . . . resemble Christ in character. . . .

Look unto Jesus constantly if you would advance step by step in the narrow path cast up for the chosen of the Lord to walk in, saying in your heart, “Thee will I seek, O God; Thee will I follow; Thee will I serve; under Thy guidance I can and will go forward.”

– That I May Know Him, pg. 41

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