Inspired Quote of the Day: The Night Cometh

The end is near, stealing upon us stealthily, imperceptibly, like the noiseless approach of a thief in the night. May the Lord grant that we shall no longer sleep as do others, but that we shall watch and be sober. The truth is soon to triumph gloriously, and all who now choose to be laborers together with God will triumph with it. The time is short; the night soon cometh when no man can work.

– The Publishing Ministry, pg. 401


  1. Bro. G

    Happy Sabbath! By God’s grace keep on sharing these vital truths that we are in need of daily

    God bless

    • MOL Assistance

      By God’s grace, Amen! Thank you for your support!

  2. Bro. G

    True we need to wake up.

    • MOL Assistance

      In Jesus’ name, Amen, Brother! May this be the experience that we all have: Wake Up (and stay awake), Clean Up, Stand Up! Maranatha!


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