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Character is revealed by a crisis. When the earnest voice proclaimed at midnight, “Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him,” the sleeping virgins roused from their slumbers, and it was seen who had made preparation for the event. Both parties were taken unawares, but one was prepared for the emergency, and the other was found without preparation. Character is revealed by circumstances. Emergencies bring out the true metal of character. Some sudden and unlooked-for calamity, bereavement, or crisis, some unexpected sickness or anguish, something that brings the soul face to face with death, will bring out the true inwardness of the character. It will be made manifest whether or not there is any real faith in the promises of the word of God. It will be made manifest whether or not the soul is sustained by grace, whether there is oil in the vessel with the lamp.

– The Review and Herald, September 17, 1895 


  1. Sis. E

    I can totally vouch for this. Once I liked this guy and I didn’t think of what God would say about it. Twice God warned me, and I thought I was seems I was doing well in every aspect of my life..until I found out some things about him and I just crumbled to the dust. During this time I came across a quote from Sister White about self-deception. At the time, that was the hardest truth to gulp down. It was one of the worst times of my life. I realize now that it was just a test. Better now to fail and break down than in the end to see you’ve deceived yourself all along.

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      May we seek to cooperate with God, to develop a lasting experience of conversion. God bless you!


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