The Wise Shall Understand

the wise shall understandBecause of the many different problems that fill our world –like the recent oil spill which became the largest in history, and also many other problems (socially, politically, economically)– many today are being led to restudy the book of Daniel. This message is an introduction into the study of the book of Daniel. This study is designed to help anyone to better understand the times in which we live in, by better understanding the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Bring your Bible, pen, and paper, and join this introductory class on the book of Daniel. Time is short, and the decisions we make now are vital and important. Nothing can help us better in this world and in our relationship with Jesus, then to understand and follow the principles of truth revealed in the books of Daniel and Revelation. If you doubt that this is true, listen and see. But remember, only “The wise shall understand”! Do you understand? Listen and find out.

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  1. Bro. J

    Pastor Davis,

    Thank you for this message and for the plain truths of the word. May God continue to bless your efforts.


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