Preparation for the Final Crisis – Sermon 1 (Part 3)

A prophetic series dealing with the nature of coming events, and our need of preparation before it is too late. If you would be interested in receiving the whole series of 6 DVD’s for yourself, family, or friends contact our office at 256-683-0959 (or leave a reply in box below)


  1. Sis. J

    I have seen Christ in this presentation. Praise God

  2. Sis. L

    I have really enjoyed your sermons Jeremiah and can’t get enough of them. Thank you for not being afraid to stand for the LORD. We need brave men who will stand and not be afraid. I also watch Moses and appreciate his truths.

  3. Bro. R

    a series that everyone needs to see. thank you Lord for the watchman

  4. Sis. L

    My heart hurts as I see the the dark ignorance that overshadows the vast number of brethren in my former first day churches. This includes my close family members and extended relatives. They have no idea of what is about to take place in earth’s final history nor the reality of what is happening now. My heart’s desire is that they will be evangelised before it is eternally too late. Thank God for His grace and mercy that reached and converted my stubborn heart to accept His precious Truth. Yes, I was a christian for over 40 years in the first day church but did not know the Truth I was kicking against, until God revealed it to me in an amazing way. I accepted and praise the Lord, I’m not the sceptic who thought that Seventh-Day Adventist was a cult worship anymore. With every ounce of my God-given strength, ability, resource and opportunity I endeavour to reach those who are still in that darkness that I once was, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, guide them to God’s Truth and Light. I believe that the set of Prophetic DVDs will be a great tool in this venture.