Finishing the Work and the Third Angel’s Message

Please excuse the recording quality, but because of the requests of so many concerning the messages covered and the significance of its content, we have posted a few of the sermons in this series. If you are interested in receiving a similar series with better quality call 256-683-0959.

If this recording was a blessing to you and you would like to view more in this series on our video page, please leave a reply in the box below.


  1. Sis. Y

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of present truth and the end time messages. We as Adventist are truly asleep and some of us have no shepherd to awake us nor feed us. Again thank you for being a blessing in my spiritual awakening. Keep the Word coming.

  2. Sis. L

    I was greatly blessed by this seminar and realize I have been sleepy. I allowed others to influence me to the degree that I feel back into a stupor and am grateful for the messages of Jeremiah Davis that God has used to help me to awake more fully to the times we are living in.

  3. Sis. L

    Please provide the videos for the whole finishing the work series.


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