Guacamole Dip

Guacamole Dip

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5-Minute Guacamole
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Avocado! Need we say more?! When this superfood is combined with its ruddy counterparts, it gets an extra boost in flavor and nutrition to create this bold little side dish!
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5 minutes
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Tips for Mashing the Avocado Meat
  1. The more you mash, the creamier/smoother it will be.
  2. The less you mash, the chunkier it'll be.
  3. The instructions below will help walk you through the steps to maintain both the smooth and chunky textures, as pictured in our finished dish above!
Making the Guacamole
  1. Cut the avocados in half the long way (makes it easier to remove the pit); then remove the pits.
  2. Scoop out the flesh into two separate medium-sized mixing bowls (one avocado per bowl).
  3. Add the lime juice to ONE (1) of the avocado bowls and combine by mashing it with a fork till creamy; then stir the remaining ingredients into this mixture and set aside.
  4. Randomly chop the avocado in the other bowl with a knife. NOTE: The size of your chops will depend on the desired size of your chunks!
  5. With a spatula, transfer the creamy mixture to the bowl with the avocado chunks and gently fold (to preserve the chunks) the creamy mixture into the chunky.
  6. That's it! Place in a serving bowl and enjoy!
  7. Eat and Enjoy - to the Glory of God! (1 Corinthians 10:31)

If you try this recipe and enjoy it, please share your experience in the comment box below! Maranatha!


  1. Sis. D

    For a creamy, more flavorful version that mimics the original, add vegan sour cream, your favorite chile salsa ( I make mine fresh with fresh tomatoes and an assortment of different chili’s), cilantro (Mexican food MUST have cilantro!!), and tomatillo. You can also add black olives. I make this version and serve it with restaurant style chips with the lowest salt content. It doesn’t last long as it’s heartily consumed by all! Even the avocado hater will eat this.

    • MOL Assistance

      Thank you for your suggestions Sister!
      We can definitely adjust any of these recipes, to add to their flavor. We do have to be mindful though, with some of those ingredients. Spices (like many chili peppers) irritate the stomach. Also, most vegan sour creams and salsas contain vinegar. We have been counseled not to consume these things, because of their negative effects in our system. The life of the flesh is in the blood (Lev. 17:11), and “perfect health depends upon perfect circulation” (Healthful Living, pg 30; par. 1). As long as health is not sacrificed for taste, Enjoy!


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