School of the Loud Cry

As a general, a teacher, and a leader in God’s end-time cause, Elder Moses Mason was a man motivated by the love of Christ and His present truth. It was his desire for all to understand more about God’s love, as it is revealed in the plan of redemption; and that each would become a part of God’s end-time team, to be used by Heaven in the “two-minute warning” of Bible prophecy – to finish the work! This was the burden of his family ministry.

Elder Mason wanted to see a people prepared to stand true to God during the investigative judgment; when it would pass to the cases of the living, at the National Sunday Law. Then, the work could be finished by the loud cry! He saw the vision from Heaven, and he worked tirelessly to renovate and dedicate a building for the service of God. A place where many could gather together to learn; a place where a people would indeed be prepared to stand.

Elder Mason’s last days were spent preparing for an upcoming “School of the Loud Cry“. The devil had a plot, yet (by faith) we move forward understanding that God always has a plan! With this blessed hope, we stand united together with Apocalypse Ministries for a special school – a memorial, in honor of God’s manservant.

Join us, March 26 – 31, as we travel “from eternity in the past to eternity in the future”; to tell us where we are today, and what we must do to be a part of the great, loud cry!

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