School of the prophets : Mini End-time training school (Special Session)2012

Many have requested information concerning our “School of the prophets training course”, it is time once again for our end-time training school. This mini end-time school will be conducted from Wednesday to Sabbath (May 16th -2oth, 2012). Because of the urgency of the hour and the need of this training, we will be running this special course for FREE! If you are interesting in registering or have any questions please call 931-363-2059 (ask concerning registering for the school of the prophets end-time training). TIME & SPACE IS LIMITED, SO PLEASE MAKE HASTE to get ready!


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  1. Sis. E

    Hello Pastor and Sister Davis,

    Thank you for coming to Houston and bring us much needed present truth message. I was very blessed and ask for your prayers as I surrender myself to the leading of and guidance of God. Thank you for helping me with the my decision for revival and reformation. I want God to use me in this effort of spreading the end time message.

    Could you please let me know when is the next class session. I did not see one listed.

    May Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to use you in a mighty way.