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Preparing To Meet Jesus Bible Seminar (Evangelistic Series)


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This exciting Christ-centered Bible seminar is designed to convince the doubting heart, bring hope to the hopeless, and refine and sharpen the ardent Bible student. A series of astonishing events have occurred in our world over the past few weeks. Prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes and unless we are studying and praying, we will be deceived. Each message concludes with a powerful appeal for action on the part of the listener. Pastor Davis’ fervent, yet thoughtful and compassionate style will surely encourage us to be ready when Jesus comes  

This seminar will give you God’s answers (directly from the Bible) to some of the most frequently asked questions, such as: How do we know there is a God? What happens when a man dies? How will the world end? Why are there so many different denominations? How can we tell who is a True Prophet? What is the Mark of the Beast? And much, much more! With this series, all you need to do is gather your family and your friends, take out your Bible with pen and paper, and together, with open and willing hearts, let us prepare to meet Jesus before it is too late!

Titles Included in This 22-Disc Series:

  1. The Final Invitation
  2. The Story of Redemption
  3. How Will The World End
  4. The Final Millennium
  5. Can The Dead Speak To Us?
  6. Thank God The Law Is Nailed To The Cross, I’m Enjoying Grace
  7. The Forgotten Commandment
  8. The Ministry of Healing, Part 1
  9. The Ministry of Healing, Part 2
  10. The Mark Of The Beast, Part 1
  11. The Mark Of The Beast, Part 2
  12. The Great Whore Of Revelation
  13. The Great Final Judgement
  14. Signs Of Christ’s Soon Return
  15. God’s Adornment Is Pure, Part 1
  16. God’s Adornment Is Pure, Part 2
  17. How To Tell A True Prophet, Part 1
  18. How To Tell A True Prophet, Part 2
  19. God’s True Church, Part 1
  20. God’s True Church, Part 2
  21. Questions & Answers, Part 1
  22. Questions & Answers, Part 2