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 Messengers of Light is Coming to an area near you… 

Many have requested to know when our ministry would be coming to their area. Month by month we will be posting you our upcoming events calendar so that you can know where we will be. We appreciate your prayers for our ministry as we seek to finish God’s work; and also, if  we are in your area we can fellowship together and worship the Lord in the “beauty of holiness”. Psalms 29:2.

 Upcoming Calendar of Events

 For November 2009



Nov. 4th

Wednesday Night Worship (for the Campus of AUC)

sponsered by AUC’s Student Ministerial Association (SMA) For more info. Please call our office (256) 683-0959


Nov. 6th & 7th

Youth Emphasis Weekend

Beraca S.D. A. Church…Queens, NY
For more info. Please call Edsel Kadet (917) 623-5853


Nov. 20th & 21st

Revival Weekend

Pioneer Fellowship S.D.A. Church…Gentry, AR                                           For more info:  Contact Phil or Dena Norwood (479) 736-8618 or (479) 549-2155

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