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We invite you to experience resource materials for coming events and practical living. Our desire is that every guest will become a messenger of light-lighting the whole world with God’s glory. Please look around and be blessed as we unite to finish the work together.

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How To Enter Into A C.I.P

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The world today is quickly moving towards the great and final crisis of all the ages. Look at the rise of unrest, riots, and bloodshed. Look at the awful effects that the pestilence, or pandemic (Covid-19), has had on the entire world. Every tragedy gives way to a greater tragedy. Every problem is surpassed by a greater problem; giving unmistakable evidence that we are on the brink of a time of trouble such as never was.

This fearful time will be so dreadful, that none but those who have a close relationship with Jesus can pass through it. Do you feel that your experience with Jesus is deep enough? Would you like to learn how to have a Close, Intimate, and Personal relationship with Christ; that will enable you to stand in this last crisis hour, and fit you to remain in the family of God, through the ceaseless ages of eternity? If this is your desire, this DVD series will be of great interest to you. It will allow you to taste and see how sweet God is!

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