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We invite you to experience resource materials for coming events and practical living. Our desire is that every guest will become a messenger of light-lighting the whole world with God’s glory. Please look around and be blessed as we unite to finish the work together.

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What Is Money?

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As Christian, we have been counseled to “owe no man anything…” It is only a matter of time before the nation and world’s economic system will collapse and fall! It is only a matter of time that this financial crisis will result in a revolution!

To better understand Heaven’s divine laws of economy, and how to get out of this system of financial slavery –in order to prepare for these soon coming, critical events– we invite you to order our series 2-disc DVD series!

Christians should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise, and this preparation they should make by diligently studying the word of God, and striving to conform their lives to its precepts. . . . God calls for a revival and a reformation.

A revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs. To seek this should be our first work. {ChS 41}
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