The Eden School

garden home pic 2The closer we get to the end of time the more the world will begin looking for purpose and meaning. The world will begin to recognize through continual calamity, destruction, heartache and pain the sad lesson that was proclaimed by King Solomon. “Vanity of vanities; all is vanity” (Ecc. 1: 2). The word “vanity” means emptiness, something that passes away. The world will be made to recognize the emptiness that is the portion of those who have not made God their refuge. In these last days, the desire and pursuit for Money, unholy relationships, material and temporal possessions will reveal their inability to satisfy our hearts need.

When God gave His precious life to humanity in the beginning (Gen 2: 7), God did not leave man without a compass to chart his way through the maze of life. God created a means to teach humanity how to live. God established the Eden School. In the world, there has been a gradual departure of this practical knowledge of God and His simple way of life first revealed in the “Eden School”. Satan’s selfish, self-destructive way of life in which the majority of the world has accepted, will soon bring the world into such chaos that it will believe the lie, that its’ only hope is turn back to God in the form of a National Sunday Law (See Revelation 13: 11-17; Rom 12: 1,2).

In light of this final crisis, God’s people cannot follow the worlds way of life. We have only one hope; we must come back into harmony with God’s original plan that was first revealed in “The Eden School” (See chapter in the book “Education” on “The Eden School”).

Notice God’s original plan for humanity and the world found in Education, “The Garden of Eden was a representation of what God desired the whole earth to become, and it was His purpose that, as the human family increased in numbers, theygardens 1 should establish other homes and schools like the one He had given. Thus in the course of time the whole earth might be occupied with homes and schools where the students should thus be fitted more and more fully to reflect, throughout endless ages, the light of the knowledge of His glory” Ed 22.

God’s original plan in the Eden school is the blueprint, (a model to be reproduced) for full-time, self-supportive evangelism by individual families throughout the world. With such a united army of small family groups (army of adults and youth) rightly trained and equipped to engage in proclaiming the everlasting Gospel, how soon would the message of a crucified, risen and soon-coming Saviour be carried to the whole world! How soon might the end come, — the end of suffering, sorrow and sin! (See Messages to young people 196)

Through the pen of inspiration, we were further instructed to the nature of God’s true plan of living. Notice this beautiful council that gives us additional light on the true plan of living which says, “I have been instructed that little companies who have received a suitable training in evangelical and medical missionary lines should go forth to do the work to which Christ appointed His twelve disciples…. As they unite in the work of teaching and healing, they will reap rich harvest of souls. CT p. 469.

What a beautiful vision and reality this can be for God’s people at this time; but, “Before we can carry the message of present truth in all its fullness to other countries, we must first break every yoke. We must come into the line of true education, walking in the wisdom of God, and not in the wisdom of the world. God calls for messengers who will be true reformers. We must educate, educate to prepare a people who will understand the message, and then give the message to the world (Madison School p. 30). “Now as never before we need to understand the true science of education. If we fail to understand this, we shall never have a place in the kingdom of God.” Christian Educator, August 1897).

This is the purpose of “The Eden School”, to break every yoke and to come into the line of true education, so that we might meet and fulfill our appointment with prophetic destiny. Probation’s hour is fast closing, let us work while it is day, for the hour cometh when no man can work! If you are interested in the project of establishing Eden schools and homes around the world, and have any comments, interested in more information, or want to help support our ministry as we seek to finish God’s work, please contact us. May God Bless you. Maranatha.