Christian Courtship – Thy Will be Done

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  1. Bro. J

    I thank God for your ministry, your sermons have rily inspired me. God bless you.

  2. Bro. S

    I watched the sermon quite a while ago and was simply amazed at the depth of the bible! I never knew the bible was that deep!!! It has inspired me to pray and dig much much deeper in my study of the word. Just thought it was my duty to let you know that God is using the sermons over here in London. I also have been sharing the the sermons on “Babyboomers retirement crisis 2011”. Just want to encourage you to keep preaching the word.

    Ps could you let me know the details of you upper room camp meeting this year as a sister in my church wants to attend but does not have the deatils. Thanks

  3. Sis. J

    Praise the Lord for the message.Blessings in Christ


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