The Latter Rain and The Final Generation | The Loud Cry Part 8


  1. Sis. H

    Good morning Sister & Brother Davis,
    Praise God for all of the lessons! Question, is there a part 9 of the “The Latter Rain & The Final Generation”?

    • MOL Services

      Praise the Lord. No please, part 8 is the end of that series. We are now in the series entitled: The Sealing, The Shaking, & The Latter Rain. God bless!

  2. Bro. M

    and by His grace humble myself before Him and also repent from my sins.

    Praise be unto God and His Son, it is so.

    • MOL Services

      Praise the Lord, please share these sermons with others!

      • Bro. M

        Thank you for the reminder, be assured that I have already begun sharing, hearing these messages and sharing them is automatic at one point while watching the study I paused the study and sent it to someone in my circle very influential, I felt driven to do so and may we pray that He diffuses the message.

        We can be rest assured God’s word will not return to him void.

        Praise be unto the Father and His Lamb forever and even forever and ever, it is so.

      • MOL Services

        Praise the Lord, thank you kindly!

  3. Bro. M

    Greetings Brethren and sisters

    Praise be unto God through His Son, we are well fed here, I hear things that I have never heard, I am making a public commitment, by God’s grace I am going to open the door of my heart by publicly confessing my sins as God requires before my family and before my church members, these are golden messages what more can God do, truth be told we are well fed in this ministry of light.

    Praise be unto the Father and His Son for they are worthy, forever and even forever and ever it is so.

    • MOL Services

      To God be the glory, thank you for sharing!