The Pope, Obama, Labor unions, and The Sunday Law

What does the Pope, labor unions, Obama, the economic crisis and the National Sunday Law have to do with each other. If you read Revelation 13, Country Living, and the article just released by the Pope it will all make sense. Truly time is almost finished. to read the article by the Pope concerning the labor unions as a solution to the economic crisis click here

 But whenever you have the Pope and the president agreeing on issues that are leading to the national sunday law and the time of trouble we have problemsPresident Obama by an executive order has given power to labor unions that hasn’t been down for many years and in this article he says the labor unions are not part of the problems but part of the solution–simply prophetic! To read this article about Obama and labor unions click here.  But what does this mean?


In Short….Sunday’s coming

What does the labor unions have to do with prophecy? Below is just a few sample quotations from the book country living showing what God says concerning the role of labor unions in the final crisis that will bring to pass the national sunday law and the time of troble. Friends Get ready, Get ready, Get ready :

“The trades unions will be one of the agencies that will bring upon this earth a time of trouble such as has not been since the world began.–Letter 200, 1903.  {CL 10.2}

” The work of the people of God is to prepare for the events of the future, which will soon come upon them with blinding force. In the world gigantic monopolies will be formed. Men will bind themselves interesting thins is that President Obama also feels that the labor unions are part of the solution to the economic together in unions that will wrap them in the folds of the enemy. A few men will combine to grasp all the means to be obtained in certain lines of business. Trades unions will be formed, and those who refuse to join these unions will be marked men.–Letter 26, 1903.  {CL 10.3}

“Those who claim to be the children of God are in no case to bind up with the labor unions that are formed or that shall be formed. This the Lord forbids. Cannot those who study the prophecies see and understand what is before us?–Letter 201, 1902.  {CL 12.1}

“The time is fast coming when the controlling power of the labor unions will be very oppressive. Again and again the Lord has instructed that our people are to take their families away from the cities, into the country, where they can raise their own provisions; for in the future the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one. We should now begin to heed the instruction given us over and over again: Get out of the cities into rural districts, where the houses are not crowded closely together, and where you will be free from the interference of enemies.–Letter 5, 1904.  {CL 9.5}


  1. Sis. D

    May God help us, as His people to comprehend the seriousness of the time in which we live.May He help us to see our great spiritual deficiency and cause us to seek with all our hearts a true experience with God. Such an experience will fit us to pass triumphantly through the final hours of trial and meet the Lord in peace.

  2. Bro. J

    I am here in Johannesburg one of the most wicked cities of africa. My only concern is that how will this stubbon city know the true sabbath. May God do his wonders in this city

    • Bro. A

      The cities are to be worked from outposts. Said the messenger of God, “Shall not the cities be warned? Yes; not by God’s people living in them, but by their visiting them, to warn them of what is coming upon the earth.”–Selected Messages, book 2, pp. 357, 358. (1902)

  3. Bro. B

    Fear no men in this world but only the true God in heaven..

  4. Bro. J

    only jesus can help us

  5. Bro. C

    we need Jesus at this time to help us go through this coming trial and suffering

  6. Sis. M

    Thank you very much to share with us the very good new of the near coming of Jesus Christ, our saviour. Ihave just beg un to write some letters to all my surroundings.

  7. Bro. N

    Thanks very much for the message may God bless us all for the fulfilling of his words before the Sunday law to be spread to our neighbors and to everyone around us.

  8. Sis. M

    My brothers and sisters let us pray for holy spirit for the power to pass this coming hard times

  9. Bro, L

    I am only 16 and God has changed my life completely from how I used to be and he has given me a chance of eternal life in Christ. We should not be afraid of Satan or of anything of this earth for God is more powerful and he is testing our faith with this new law. So lets be strong in his faith for we will suffer great persecution.

  10. D.J.P

    ..prophecy is really fulfilling….
    Let’s pray for each other to be able to stand in the last days..

  11. Sis. E

    May God Bless each Adventist and may He pour the Holy Spirit in abundance now that we may finish the work on this earth so our dear Jesus, Father, Savior and our Redeemer will be Glorified for ever and ever.

    Help us God be faithful to the end. We were created by you… you died for our sins… we are yours and we want to be with You forever.


  12. Bro. E

    Indeed Christ is at hand and its time to get ready.God bless u good people

  13. Sis. J

    lets all bear in mind that God is coming … lets indeed pray without ceasing.

  14. Sis. G

    its barely two weeks ago that indeed I am agreeing that the end has come, it is over now. The Lord Jesus help us to make haste preparation- Malawi

  15. Sis. C

    Thank God for revealing the truth to us, so we can share it with others. Pray without ceasing. Jesus is coming very soon

  16. W.

    Thank God He has revealed secret of the truth to us.Let us spread the third angel’s message as quickly as we can.oh,thanks to Jesus

  17. V.

    we need a true revival and reformation ! examine ourselves , avoid all babilonians activities ! salvation is not a package . . its an individual review of every character . let us continue in praying , reading and sharing the very nearest coming of Jesus !

  18. Bro. A

    pray without ceasinng

  19. Bro. M

    If God said,let it b,.GOD will nevr forgt hs own children…

  20. Bro. J


  21. Sis. K

    the soon coming of jesus is now closer than when we first believe

  22. Bro. E

    help us Jesus for the time has come.

  23. Sis. K

    It is a loud cry of the third angel”s message and people specifically those who keep commandments and the faith of Jesus should take to prepare.

  24. Bro. T

    Dear Almighty God in Heaven. We want to Praise and thank you so much for giving us these prophecies through your servant. We ask for thy Almighty Power and strength through the Holy Spirit to share your word to others that they may come out of Her, Repent and receive your Righteousness through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  25. Bro. G

    Draw the saints near your heart LORD because this will be a test of who is the believer. Strengthen us LORD in your faith.comfort;song Any where with Jesus.

  26. Sis. B



  27. Bro. A

    … Finally, my brethren be strong in the lord ,and in the power of his might. put on the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power, against the RULERS OF THE DARKNESS of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. LET US BE CAUTIOUS.

  28. Bro. E

    Well since the national sunday law is at hand I think its time for us to be ready and not getting ready, I had a feeling that it was not far away because if you read the bible it tells us of signs of the end which are and which have been fulfilling!!!! God bless you all and keep faithful till our lord comes to take us home!!!

  29. Bro. S

    Finally the National sunday law is coming. My dear brothers & sisters let us be strong in the Lord for He is coming

  30. Bro. S

    May the Almighty God give us strength us to stand for this tribulation and may He give us the ability to reach out to every one around us and tell them about the soon coming of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN

  31. Sis. Y

    The time has come adventists be ready and pray hard the Lord is about to come but all we have to do is be ready for the events that are to happen prophecy is being fulfilled we have to stand firm.

  32. Sis. E

    Even so, come Lord Jesus-Amen.

  33. Bro. M

    Am amazed, surely the word of the Lord God is true. Just like He said a woman shall deliver in pain, though we somehow ignore these glaring facts and are blinded to the truth. This is pprophecy being fulfilled. The safest way is to pray and let God take control of all issues the hand of God is not short to save. God bless

  34. Bro. G

    I knew the National Sunday Law was coming but Inever it was this close. So I would like you to fill me in with some more details.

  35. Sis. F

    Even so Lord, Let Your Kingdom Come!!!!…

  36. Sis. T

    Home sweet home …finally the curtain is coming down on this sinful world Dear LORD write my name and my family ,friends and relatives in book of the saints..AMEN

  37. Sis. V

    This is real we need to be ready.

  38. Bro. T

    I greet you all God’s faithful people on earth. I am here in Papua New Guinea, and I am excited to hear that Sunday Law is coming very soon. Why because Jessu is coming very soon to take us home. I am tired of living in this problem and sinful world. I want to go home. Let Sunday law come and we will see Jesus coming.

    Only question to answer is: Am I ready and fixed for heaven? Am I gave up the world and hold on to Heaven at all times?
    …May God bless you all.

  39. Bro. R

    I know my bible prophecy but this piece of information is astounding. I am in China at the moment. I have been here for a month now and will be here for the next 3 years. I see the many millions of people in this city of china that I am in and I wonder how God will win them to Him if he is coming back very soon. I will faithfully serve Him here and do my part of the gospel commision. I ask for my beloved SDA brothers and sisters to pray that gospel and God’s truths must reach the cities and the dark places of this world. I don’t wanna prepare myself and go to heaven and never have any thoughts about those who are dark – I’d rather work to prepare souls for the coming Kingdom.

  40. Bro. M

    The end days are drawing near…let us hold fast to our protestant faith without wavering for our salvation draweth nigh. Knowing that the National Sunday Law is now taking shape, I am appealing to everyone who read this article to take Bible Prophecy seriously and share with others.

  41. Bro. A

    Just watched “When to leave the Cities” by Pastor Doug Batchelor on the Amazing Facts website.. and with this information,I now understand why we must leave the cities and why we must keep watching and praying… Where ever you are in the world,if your reading this article print it out and share it with whoever you come across! And share the web-site with everyone on your email list.. I’m from Auckland New Zealand so Ive got this section of the planet covered!

  42. Sis. E

    Since I’ve started sharing these truths with my Adventist friends, the majority are making fun of me and not heading the warnings by living as the world while at the same time going to church on Sabbath and leading worship songs, etc. What’s happening in our churches today is a sure sign that we are at the end. Lord have mercy on us! I pray that I may be ready and that I may draw closer and closer to Christ!

  43. Bro. Q

    This is truly powderful. The end is near. The this crisis is very real and is soon to come upon us with blinding force so saints we must get ready study and pray like you never have before. We must study these precious truths (the santuary !) “Thy way oh Lord is in the santuary” Psalms 77:13. God Bless.

  44. Bro. D

    this is simply unbelieveable. The Pope and President obama are fulfilling prophecy. I want to be ready!

  45. Bro. A

    This is a tremendous article, showing us the things that are taking place around us! It’s amazing to see the Pope, obama, the economic crisis with the labor unions lining up to pass the national sunday law. Everything is being made so clear even from the news! I wish every member of the remnant church could read it. may the Lord help us to prepare before it is to late.


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