Degenerative Diseases-Part 7

Greetings! In today’s class we shall learn more about stimulating poisons that can lead to degenerative diseases. What’s the danger in cocoa, soda, drugs, and tobacco? Find out today!


The Government has warned farmers not to feed the residue to chickens or cows because they will lay fewer eggs and give less milk; and not to put it on the land because it lessens the fertility of the soil.

Experiment upon animals has proven that the action of caffeina, theina, and theobromia is identical in kind, though the latter is poisonous and fatal in much smaller doses.

All cocoa contains theobromin, a nerve poison….Chocolate and cocoa are altogether unwholesome, and if freely indulged in may easily induce conditions which may be attributed to some nerve disorder.

Cocoa is what is left of chocolate after the fat is removed, which was about half of the original content.

Something Better

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There are seventy brands of cola drinks listed by U.S. Government.

Besides flavoring material, the principal constituent of importance is caffeine. Comparing this beverage with others containing caffeine, J.W. Mallet says, that of caffeine, tea, per cup, ordinarily contains 2.02 grains; coffee, per cup, 1.74 grains; coca-cola, as ordinarily dispensed, container 1.21 grains per glass.

Stimulating Soft Drink

It is now the daily custom of many thousands of city workers to prepare themselves for the day’s work by drinking at a soda fountain some caffeine-containing soft drink. This practice cannot be too strongly condemned. Many are simple-minded enough to believe the statements of the advertisers that such drinks ‘rest you in five minutes.’ This is a false statement, and has misled thousands. What such drinks do is to relive the immediate sensation of fatigue, and enable one to perform with alacrity for a time duties which one would, without the aid of caffeine, do less efficiently. They also relive the tired feeling with which many who are violating one or more of the fundamental laws of health start each day.

In purchasing temporary relief from the sensation of fatigue, however, one does not gain something which he would otherwise not have. Fatigue goes on just the same, and continues to do so until additional rest is taken. This is also the cause with those who ‘brighten up’ by drinking coffee or strong tea. The temporary gain in efficiency purchased in this manner leave one jaded so that after the effects have worn off a period of inefficiency or of extra rest must follow before one returns to the normal state.

Keep Poisons Out

Among the poisons which must be kept out of the body should be mentioned habit-forming drugs, such as opium, morphine, cocain, heroin, chloral, acetanilide, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. The best rule for those who wish to attain the highest physical and mental efficiency is total abstinence from all substances which contain poisons, including spirits, wine, beer, tobacco, many much-advertised patent drinks served at soda-water fountains, most patent medicines, and even coffee and tea.

Alcohol is a narcotic and a strong poison. Its use today is a very grave menace to normal bodies and minds and to posterity. A summary of its effects on the organs of the body will be discussed in a future class. 


There is only one other poison known to science which is stronger than nicotine. The only use of nicotine is to kill. One drop put into the blood will kill a man instantly. Why health authorities should tolerate the daily use of such a poison is a mystery. Why doctors and nurses should use it is unexplainable.

Let’s Recap:

1. Why is it advised not to feed cocoa to chicken or cows?

2. What is the principal constituent of coca-cola?

3. What happens when the temporary efficiency wears off when consuming caffeine?

4. Name three substances that everyone should totally abstain from?

5. Why do some health authorities tolerate the daily use of nicotine?

6. What substance is an nerve poison?

7. What is something better than chocolate? Hint

Object Lesson: Today we learned about some stimulating substances that give so-called “temporary relief” or “temporary gain”. This fits into the category of worldly pleasure. “Will ye have Christ, or the world? Satan presents the world with its most alluring, flattering charms to poor mortals, and they gaze upon it, and its glitter and tinsel eclipse the glory of heaven and that life which is as enduring as the the throne of God. A life of peace, happiness, joy unspeakable, which shall know nothing of sorrow, sadness, pain, nor death, is sacrificed for a short lifetime of sin.” 2T p. 101 By God’s grace, let us resist those short-lived “pleasures of sin” that are just for a season, and embrace that which promotes everlasting life.

Grab a friend and share the wealth, from what you’ve learned in the School of Health! In next week’s class, we shall learn more valuable information that has to do with degenerative disease.  Until then, God bless!

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