How Acids and Alkalies Affect the Health-part 2

Greetings! Today let’s study further how acids and alkalies affect the health;

and why the body must be alkaline!





The Alkaline Fluids

There are other important fluids in the body which are alkaline. Note this complete list with care:

None of these alkaline juices are body wastes, though the bile contains, wastes, but are all used to aid in carrying on its life processes.

Acid Fluids

Now note the list of body fluids which are acids:

Only one of these fluids contributes to any life process-the gastric juice-the other four all being wastes.

It is very important at this point that the student recognize that the body fluids which contribute to life processes are all alkaline except one (the gastric juice). and that the wastes are all acid. Therefore the body wastes are usually expressed in terms of acid. The acid products must be promptly eliminated because the healthy state of the body is one of alkalinity.

The Body Must Be Alkaline

This has been plainly stated by Doctor Sansum:

“The living body is always slightly alkaline. If the tissues of the body become acid to the slightest degree, death occurs, and serious illness results long before the alkalinity of the body has been reduced to the neutral point.”

Inasmuch as the wastes of the body are acid and they must be quickly eliminated or they will cause death, our danger, insofar as they are concerned, is that they will accumulate in the body and so menace heath and life. The danger is from an excess of acid.

“Our danger is not from scarcity, but from abundance. We are constantly tempted to excess. Those who would preserve their powers unimpaired for the service of God, must observe strict temperance in the use of his bounties…” {CT 27}


On the other hand, there are more processes of life which are aided by fluids that are alkaline than there are which are aided by acids; both are necessary. That life may continue, the alkalies are continually being consumed and the supply depleted. Therefore, concerning the alkalies, the danger is not from an excess but from a deficiency. The alkalies are like your bank account-continually being consumed so that the danger is that the supply will be exhausted. When the alkalies are deficient, life ceases; and when the acids are in excess, life ceases. A definite balance between these two is necessary, and that is called the acid-base balance.

From this simple chemistry of the body it is very plain that if foods will influence the alkalinity and acidity of the body we need to eat abundantly of those which will keep the alkalinity of the body high, and eat sparingly of foods which will increase its acidity.

Is it possible that ones unhealthful eating habits can be changed, “tomorrow about this time”? “With men this impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26  Let’s consider the principles found in the story in 2 Kings 6 and 7. There was a famine in the land and the people were desperate. They ate all kinds of things – like dove’s dung, and even a child!

Anyhow, the word of the Lord came and prophesied, “To morrow about this time” 2 Kings 7:1, that the famine would end, and there would be fine flour and barley. Nonetheless, a person whom the king leaned on was in utter disbelief by this prophecy. It was hard for him to believe that one could go from eating dove’s dung to produce in only a day. In like manner, one may think it impossible to change from a highly acidic meat diet to eating a plant-based diet (filled will foods that keep the alkalinity of the body high) in a short period of time. If this is so, may God help our unbelief! Let us not miss out on the blessing that He has in store, like the man in 2 Kings did.

“Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is” Ephesians 5:16.

Symptoms and Diseases by Acidosis

No doubt the reader by this time is desiring to know how the health is affected by the lowering of alkalinity and increase of acidity. We have consulted a wide range of authors, many of whom have had much experience in caring for the sick. Their reports have been condensed and combined into the following summary of abnormal conditions which may arise in which “acidosis” is often a factor:


In next weeks lesson, we shall look deeper into how the health is affected by the lowering of alkalinity and increase of acidity. Come back and join us! God Bless!