Mysteries of Life-Part 10

 Greetings! In today’s class we shall touch on Vitamins E and K! In addition, we shall look more into vitamins in general, ways to secure vitamins, and more!




Vitamin E

It is said that this vitamin aids in growth and in heart muscle function, and in the function of the reproductive cells. It appears to occur in a great
many foods, at least in small quantities. The germ portion of the wheat grain is an especially rich source, while vegetables oils, and green leaves contain a considerable amounts.


Vitamin K


This is in some way associated with liver function and the proper clotting of blood. It abounds in alfalfa and various greens, and smaller
amounts in roots and seeds.


Vitamins in General

Col. Robert McCarrison, M.D., in “Studies in Deficiency Diseases,” gave this summary of the results of the deficiency of vitamins in general, as follows:

Degeneration of digestive tract
Colitis of hidden cause-a cardinal sign
Hemorrhagic lesions
Inflammatory changes in mucous membrane
Degenerative changes in the neuro-muscular mechanism of tract
Degenerative changes in secretory glands of tract
Derangement of digestive assimilative processes
Impairment of protective resources against infection
Toxic absorption from diseased bowel
Infection of mucous membrane
Production of juices impaired
Ulcers of stomach and duodenum
Obstinate constipation
Degeneration of nervous tissues throughout the body

From this can see that, without the constant intake of this life principle in our foods, life constantly, gradually ebbs away; the tissues and nerves and cells slowly lose their life and vitality and degenerate and prepare for disintegration. The entire body begins to decay and go to pieces a little at a time.

This slow departure of life manifests itself in many forms and various unhealthy conditions known as diseases which are given the medical names common to us although the cause has seemed like a mystery to us. Do you see the value in studying about vitamins?


The Sources of all Vitmains

Perhaps the number of vitamins, the multiplicity of conditions which grow out of deficiencies and the large number of foods from which the various vitamins are to be obtained, are causing the student to feel that it is not possible to comprehend the whole subject in a way to put this information to a practical use, but that is not true.


In Natural Foods

“The vitamins are always present in natural foodstuffs as instinctively consumed by men and animals. There is evidence to suggest that they are formed only in the tissues of plants….Their distribution in the tissues of either plants or animals may be partial or irregular, but broadly speaking it is safe to say that the individual always finds a sufficient supply of vitamins in his food so long as that food is reasonable varied and has received no artificial separation into parts, and so long as no destructive influence has been applied to it.”

Note the three points which secure the vitamins:

1. Foods reasonably varied

2. No food is to be separated into parts; the grains are to be entire grains, and other foods to be eaten in as nearly their natural wholeness as possible. Can you think of five whole grains?

A Government Warning

Removal of the germ and seed coats or bran of cereals also removes practically all of the vitamins. Consequently, polished rice, patent white flour and determinate corn meal are practically devoid of vitamins.”

Dr. Wiley on Milled Grains

“Our breadstuff is dead food. It has no soul…I say this with all earnestness of my soul….Woe to this nation unless it re-established the fundamentals of nutrition which white flour and other denatured cereal foods have broken down.”

3.No destructive influence applied to it.” On this third point it is necessary to mention heat, soda, and baking powder. Concerning the last two items, we shall study about their destructive influence in next weeks study. Be sure to invite a friend!


*Study Adapted from Abundant Health, by Julius G. White