Mysteries of Life-Part 12

 Greetings! In today’s class, we shall learn about the dangers of becoming careless in our eating habits. By God’s grace, we don’t want to be “careless, after the manner of the Zidonians, quiet and secure” Judges 18:7. For what may appear to be “peace and safety”, can result in sudden destruction.



Beware of Losses

Some individuals are inclined to be careless about the use of devitamined food, or feel that they can make up such losses in other ways. A common error is to use white flour and expect to make up for vitamins by using fruits and vegetables. But he who indulges in the use of any depleted food is by that much deficient, because the Creator who knows our needs placed the right amount in each food and did not plan that we would remove any of them. The fullest possible quota is necessary to our defense against disease.

Others feel that they can make up deficiencies by using vitamin concentrates. While this may be true to some extent, it is not the ideal plan.

“Authorities agree that all the vitamins a normal person needs can be obtained from a proper balanced diet, and that it is far better to have a proper diet than it is to have a diet which needs to be supplemented by vitamins from the drugstore in order to maintain health. Therefore, what the ordinary person needs to know about vitamins is very simple. He only needs to know what his diet should be in order to supply all the needs of his body for vitamins.”

“There is one general principle to be kept in mind, and that is that the more nearly we take our food in the form that nature supplies it, the more certain we are to get sufficient vitamins. When it is highly refined or altered by mechanical or chemical processes we may lose many or all of the vitamins.”

It is essential that one-third of the average American diet consists of foods from which the vitamins have been largely removed. This must be a serious hazard to the health of millions of our people and the welfare of the nation.


“Country” Vitamins

“Vitamins have come into significance through their absence.” In other words, if we had always lived on natural foods, unspoiled by modern processing, grown on healthy soil, no one would ever have known there were any vitamins, and all would have secured their quotas of them in proper balance unconsciously without knowing anything about them. This is they way it should have been and even now should be, and the nearer we can come to that ideal the better it will be for us.

All  of the technical, scientific knowledge we now have of the vitamins should not forever be used to operate mammoth laboratories to
manufacture artificial ones to be consumed in pills, capsules, and shots, at enormous cost to the people, but that money and knowledge should be devoted to the return to natures way of raising food and serving balanced rations of natural foods whereby all of the vitamins will be unconsciously eaten with knife and fork. May God hasten the day.


Some people will say that it is not possible to raise by the compost gardening process the enormous quantities of food in the country to feed the countless millions of city dwellers who can have no garden of their own. Right, of course! But let those families who are taking this class, move to the country where they can grow much of their own food on healthy soil and take it fresh to the table and so escape from the commercial artificial vitamins business, and incidentally escape from a host of other artificial conditions and influences of the cities which are even a greater curse than are the deficient foods. This is possible. “Where there is is a will here is way.”

With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

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Come back next week, invite a friend, and we shall study about natural vitamins vs. synthetic!

*Study adapted from the book, Abundant Health by Julius G. White