URE13 |[Video] Special Memorial Camp Meeting

Come One and All

It’s that time of the year when many celebrate Memorial Day; a day set aside to honor men and women who have died in service. In so much the more, Upper Room Experience 13 will be a memorial camp meeting, in honor of the memory of our general, Elder Mason; for he has truly died in God’s service. Elder Moses Mason believed and fought for the faith that was once delivered to the saints! He was enlisted in the Lord’s army, and sought to equip us with the necessary preparation, to stand true to God during the investigative judgment; when judgment passes from the dead to the living, at the passing of the National Sunday Law! This is the issue! Furthermore, a great crisis is coming in opposition to God’s Memorial Day, the Holy Sabbath; and we need to get all things ready! Inspiration tells us, one of the greatest places we can do this is at the camp meeting! “We need to exalt God’s memorial of creation…at the…camp meeting.” {MS 1901}


Your Personal Presence Requested

Did you know? “The Lord has need of you. He does not do His work without the co-operation of the human agent. Go to the camp meeting, even though you have to make a sacrifice to do so.” {6T 40}

The Prophet writes, “I fear quite a number will say, It is expensive to travel, and I had better save the money to use in advancing the cause and work where it is so much needed. No, no! God calls for you to take your rank and file, and strengthen the work all you possibly can by your personal presence… Let no stay-away argument be used. We have need of every spiritual advantage we can possibly have…. Put forth extra exertions. Better, far better, let the business suffer than to neglect the opportunity to hear the messages that God has for you at this time.” {11MR 8}

“May the Lord make you earnest and willing and glad to come up to this meeting…Come one and all, who can….You will never regret the expense.” {11MR 13}


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We sincerely hope that you will not lose this opportunity! By God’s grace, a rich reward and blessing will be present to all who attend! Come and see! Also, “Make every effort to get your friends to come, not in your place but to accompany, to stand…” {11MR 10} We challenge you to invite at least 12 friends! Come friends, come fathers, come mothers, come little ones, come one and all!